CanCOM II clinical case databank

Thanks to the excellent contributions from the CanCOM II research group, the validated clinical case bank is COMPLETED!

You will currently find 20 complete cases that can be used as teaching material for senior residents learning Obstetric Medicine. The old version of the databank is still available at:

CanCOM clinical case databank


CanCOM III research project

On April 10th, a 12-month multicentric Canadian study will be launched to evaluate the contribution of these cases to PGY4-5 General Internal Medicine residents during their 1-2 month clinical rotation in Obstetric Medicine..

new version of CanCOM II databank has been created for the project.


Please note that certain firewalls may cause access problems to either the case databank or to some of the articles that were inserted as links.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:


NEJM interactive cases

This challenging case is well worth completing to obtain a few extra CME points!